Searching for a great speaker who’s just right for your event, keynote or company can be a stressful task. You want a professional that will deliver valuable and relevant content to your audience or organization. Yet you don’t want someone that will be too stuffy or afraid to loosen up. A recipe for disaster that will lose people’s attention and gather yawns for days!

I’m often told my charisma, energy and passion combined with my entertaining and friendly approach breaks the ice and engages the audience within a few minutes.

My approach is grass root and often times considered as “real talk” when I present from stage. My audience becomes my friends and my passion to connect with them is seen instantaneously. My overall goal is to inspire change, motivate action and empower positive long lasting results towards your common goal.

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International Bestselling Author / Keynote Speaker / Film Maker / Think & Grow Rich Series

Angel hits every stage with energy, charisma and passion! A true champion who delivers inspiration, motivation and simple action steps anyone can follow. A true professional who over delivers every step of the way!


Ph.D / Happily Married / Global Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author

“Angel is Positive and Electric! He is welcome on my stages anytime.”

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2x Best Selling Author/Dad/ Battalion Chief/ Founder & CEO of Third Alarm Coffee

Angel spoke at our EPIC Mastermind event and immediately connected with everyone in the room with his positive energy.  His story is inspirational and impact-full.  Angel provided actionable tools that could be implemented to empower anyone to live the life they desire.  Its clear to see that he is on a mission to inspire everyone to win in their own life.

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You are unique, special and have amazing gifts inside of you that nobody else has… However along the journey of life something happened. The life you’ve always dreamed of become a distant view in your rear view mirror and each passing day it gets further and further!

It doesn’t have to be this way and one choice can bring the Magic back into your life! Angel will ensure you realize your full potential, tap into your GOD given gifts and help you discover your passion and purpose in life! No more comparing – Its time to start living your legacy!

While quitting will always be an option it should never be your first choice.

Angel will unvail how you, your team or organization can work together, overcome any obstacle and use readily available resources to overcome tension, frustration and stress!

It’s time to take your life and business to the next level!
Its Your Time To Win!

Quitting will always be an option – But not YOURS!

Perspective = Success

Everyone experiences life from a different viewpoint and often times our different perspectives can lead to unresolved issues, conflict and headaches! Often times leaders, executives and supervisors over look this issue due to day to day deadlines and responsibilities.  These issues can also surface in relationships, friendships and marriages causing damage that could have been prevented.

Allow Angel to bring a fresh outlook and renew your perspective using practical advice and groups exercises that will literally transform your life, business and organization!

Angel can also speak on:

  • Relationships / Marriage
  • Building A Strong Organization
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Christian Faith Based Messages
  • Leadership and Mentorship
  • Men Rising

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